Emilian Ijdelea

In memoriam
  • 1951-2020


With over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and 27 years in inward investment promotion, Emilian is one of top advisers in these sectors assisting clients on complex energy and natural resources matters.

Emilian contributed to several privatizations and energy projects, successfully closing deals for reputed firms and private investors. He drafted, together with other specialists, the first relevant piece of legislation on foreign investment, investment in petroleum exploration and production, and private sector development in Romania.

He was also involved in the promotion of significant amendments to the initial draft of the Petroleum Law prepared by the Romanian Government which aimed at aligning the Romanian legislation with the international practice. Emilian is the drafter of Model Petroleum Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement in Romania, a significant part of which is still used today by the National Agency for Mineral Resources.